Non-Degree at the Graduate Level

Non-Degree at the Graduate Level


Non-degree students at Mansfield University take graduate level coursework for several different reasons:

  • Personal or professional enrichment
  • Continuing education credits to meet Act 48 requirements
  • Transferring course credit to another institution

Personal or professional enrichment:

*ALL courses require the approval from the department chairperson and/or the course instructor prior to enrolling in the course. If you are interested in taking a graduate level course, but not pursuing a graduate degree from MU, then please fill out the non-degree seeking section of our graduate application. A non-refundable $25 processing fee is also required. 

Act 48 Continuing Education:

studentsIf you are a Pennsylvania educator and wish to report credit undergraduate and graduate courses taken at Mansfield University to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, in compliance with the Act 48 requirement, you may do so through our link to EduLink.

Transfer credit:

If you are planning to transfer course credit, then please be sure that your institution and graduate program will accept coursework from Mansfield University. Also, please pay attention to the maximum amount of course credits your degree program will accept. Feel free to use our university accreditation and course catalog as reference materials.

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