Where can I find an admissions application?

What if my GPA is under the 3.0 requirement?

We are able to calculate the last 48 credit hours of your course history. If that does not reach the 3.0 requirements, then please visit the Non-degree website for GPA deficiency information.

If you have GPA concerns, please contact Amy Smith, G-22 South Hall. (570) 662-4408

Where do I send my application materials?

Office of Graduate Admissions 
G-22 South Hall
Mansfield, PA 16933

Where do I find requirements for my particular program?

You can find them in the Graduate Catalog, from your Department Chair or from your Academic Advisor.


How do I transfer credit(s) from other schools?

Complete a Request to Transfer Graduate Credit form. Please follow the instructions indicated at the top of the form.

Please read the policy outlined in our Graduate Catalog. If you have questions about transfer credit, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

Where do I register?

New students may register for classes with their advisor or through the Registrar's Office.  Please visit the Current Graduate Students page for more information.

Where do I get an Independent Study form? (1 to 3 credits)

Forms can be obtained from the Student Registration and Financial Services Office website.

Where do I get an Individualized Instruction form?

Forms can be obtained from the Student Registration and Financial Services Office website.

What do I do if I receive an incomplete?

You must contact your course professor.

How do I change my major?

Please have the Change of Major Form signed by both department chairs and then returned to the Student Registration and Financial Services Office. If you are simply changing your Track, then contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

When do I fill out my Intent to Graduate Form?

You must complete the form the semester before you graduate (approximately 6 months before graduation). You can access the form through WebAdvisor or contact Ryan Stanley, Registrar’s Office.

Graduate Assistantships

How do I apply for a Graduate Assistantship?

Fill out the Online Application form. Return this signed form to the Dean of Education, Professional and Graduate Studies along with your professional goals, and THREE letters of recommendation: two from individuals familiar with your academic and professional qualifications and one from the department from which you received your Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, please have an undergraduate TRANSCRIPT forwarded to their office.

For questions, contact Cathy Martin, Provost’s Office

Where do I pick up my paycheck?

Your paycheck will be mailed to your office of employment. Please see the Department Secretary within your office of employment to locate your paycheck. If you would like direct deposit, please contact Payroll Services.


President's Office
Mr. Scott W.H. Barton
500 North Hall
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Graduate Admissions
Amy Smith
G-22 South Hall
(570) 662-4408

Financial Aid
Pam Kathcart
224 South Hall
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Bookstore Manager
225 Alumni Hall
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Student Accounts
Julie Cimino
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Provost’s Office
Cathy Martin
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Registrar's Office
Lori Cass
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Field Experiences
Beth McClure
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Housing Operations
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