Our Mission

Our Mission

Graduating StudentMansfield University graduate study programs provide personal and professional development opportunities expanding one’s knowledge, skills and life-long learning capacities. Programs stimulate engagement in shared learning, evolve critical thinking abilities through practice and reflection, and encourage group and community service.

The programs offered are designed to provide advanced study in professional and scientific aspects of selected academic disciplines. These offerings are further intended to:

  • Strengthen specializations.
  • Permit greater depth of learning.
  • Provide opportunity for integration of knowledge.
  • Heighten receptivity to new ideas, viewpoints and beliefs.
  • Improve research skills.
  • Expand abilities to work independently.
  • Expand knowledge of philosophy of a discipline.
  • Encourage application of acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Foster the spirit of scholarship.
  • Enhance skills of critical analysis.
  • Encourage career development.
  • Develop methods of dealing with change.
  • Build skills in leadership process.
  • Prepare and assist students in realizing their potential as individuals and responsible members of society.
  • Refine capability to initiate, define and synthesize viewpoints and concepts.

Academic excellence is encouraged by assigning the responsibility for instruction to those faculty qualified to teach graduate courses. The criteria for graduate faculty status are established and monitored by Graduate Council.

Graduate study at Mansfield University may result in:

  • A master's degree.
  • Certification in one or more areas.
  • Expanded knowledge in an identified area.

The graduate program is committed to affirmative action to insure equity for students and faculty. Both full and part-time study are encouraged and promoted with special effort given to meet the unique needs of part-time students.