What Can I Study?

What Can I Study?

Special Education

EducationThe Mansfield University Special Education Program is nationally recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children at the Initial Teacher Preparation level. The certification concentration is designed for educators who are certified at the initial level in another education field. The graduates of this concentration are prepared to meet the special education certification requirements in Pennsylvania. Students in the non-certification concentration will not be prepared for certification in Pennsylvania. The non-certification concentration for candidates from education and related fields not seeking special education certification provides the opportunity to develop an understanding of special education programs and services for individuals with exceptional learning needs.

The Education and Special Education Department offers the degree program Master of Education (M.Ed.), Special Education with two concentrations, Certification and Non-Certification. The M.Ed. is chosen by those pursuing a master’s degree with a special education emphasis. The minimum number of credit hours required for this degree is 33 (or 30 if the thesis option is completed).


Mansfield University's Master of Science in Nutrition program provides an innovative, integrated study of nutrition and health. This program assists dietitians and others considering advanced study in nutrition in meeting professional requirements for completing a master's degree. The online program format provides a supportive, flexible pathway to advanced degree completion. Students can complete the program in two years by taking two courses per semester or in four years by taking one course per semester. A culminating capstone project is required for graduation. The program must be completed in five years. Completion of this degree program does not quality a student to take the RD examination.

Non-degreeNon-Degree at the Graduate Level

Non-degree students at Mansfield University take graduate level coursework for several different reason: 1) Personal or professional enrichment, 2) GPA did not meet the minimum requirements for graduate degree program, 3) Continuing education credits to meet Act 48 requirements, and 4) Transferring course credit to another institution. 

If you are interested in non-degree at the graduate level, then please visit the Non-degree webpage.